Shyam Kanani

Shyam Kanani joined YLS as Co-Treasurer, given his proficiency with numbers and is now a General Commitee member to serve in a broader capacity, including continuing to manage our ever growing (cheeky!) Insta feed and producing our eye-catching event flyers. He is our numbers guy, having graduated from the University of Manchester with a Degree in Mathematics.

A hardcore cricket fan, if he isn’t taking the field himself, you’ll most likely find him with friends, cheering on the boys in blue. So much so, he’s even project managing a YLS trip to watch T20 cricket in the summer!

Long bitten by the travel bug and a keen adventurer, Shyam recently returned from a 4 month solo backpacking adventure across Australia and South-East Asia. Living like a local, having the pleasure of watching the India vs Australia Test series live or learning to cook an authentic Thai Green Curry, he believes life is all about the rich experiences we have. His goal is to travel to 50 countries by age 30.

Shyam has a thirst for continuous self-development. An avid reader, he is passionate about the study of business, psychology and spirituality, being inspired by the likes of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Eckhart Tolle. He wants to ensure the youth of today are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions about their career paths and future opportunities. He project managed the highly successful Careers Fair in 2018 and is excited to continue working on these areas with YLS as a vital offering for the next generation, including areas of motivation and self-development to better support their mindset and personal growth.

Shyam joined YLS to get involved with a team of spirited, like minded individuals who want to create fun and useful events to bring our community together. He’s also made some great friends along the way! He intends to infuse his personality and passion for sports, travel and self-development with the YLS. So next time you see him at an event be sure to come and say hi …just don’t say “Dhoni who??”