Sapna Pajpani

If Mark Zukerberg had met Sapna before he launched Facebook, he would have named it after her purely based on her social networking skills. Sapna’s day job in her Canary Wharf office involves solving complex problems related to the secretive world of compliance within the finance industry. But her real passion is to teach children how to one two three four and get on the dance floor. And let it be known, her iPod can only handle desi tunes and beats to the rhythm of Bollywood.

Closer to home though, her sense of loyalty to her family and friends and her love for all things Lui shine through like a beacon. She has been involved within the Lohana community since she can remember and wants to help keep this community spirit going amongst the youth. She lives up to her name and dreams big, and all it takes to be part of that dream is to say hello the next time you meet her.