Nekhil Dattani

Nekhil is a dentist by day and dancer by night! He graduated from Sheffield University and since completing his masters degree his next goal is to master dancing. After doing street and hiphop dancing for a while he is currently learning to breakdance. So, if you see someone spinning on the dance floor (or trying to) it’s probably him! When he isn’t so energetic he likes to chill out while watching an American TV series or the Formula 1.

He currently lives in Essex and works in Kent but is a North London lohi at heart. He loves meeting new people and getting people together to have a good time, as well as doing some good by helping others. His goal in the YLS committee is to help arrange events for people to mingle, develop interests, and grow together as a community. If you have any suggestions or want to know more about the YLS and events feel free to drop him a message!