Amee Samani

This pint sized lady may sometimes be mistaken as “trouble” – Really, she is just a straight talking, hard-working and enthusiastic individual. Keen to give back to the community, Amee is passionate about contributing to events, opportunities and adventures for young Lohanas of all ages. She welcomes feedback and would like to hear your thoughts on our events.

If she hasn’t already infected you with her love for a scoop (or two) of Baskin Robbins pistachio almond ice cream, she will surely get you with her infectious smile and willingness to help others. An avid fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, Amee lives by the Toretto motto ‘I don’t have friends, I’ve got family’. It is this family with which, she loves to spend quality time. Any other time will be spent engaging in creative activities or a spot of shoe shopping.

Oh, and did we tell you she bakes… maybe she can help you discover your superpower! Having worked and spent much time outside of London, Amee is finally back home. She promises to anaesthetise only at work and keep the events interesting, fun and full of energy!